Being athletic is an essential part of being healthy. Whether it it is a competitive sport, spinning classes, equestrian, weight training, or long walks in the evenings and on the weekend; athletic activity keeps our hearts pumping, our muscles functioning and our bodies healthy. Sports can help to prolong our lives, and improve our outlook and combat depression, keep our weight at a healthy level, and manyfitness 1 other benefits measurable and immeasurable.

In the course of being athletic and living a healthy lifestyle, as in any activity, stresses can build up in the spine. Chiropractic adjustments are essential to maintain the proper function and performance of the body for athletic activity. When your spinal joints are moving effortlessly and symmetrically your athletic performance is improved, reactions are quicker, muscles are more efficient, and you feel better . When you have impediments to your spinal performance, your movement is accommodative (you have to change and adapt due to your faults) and you become less efficient, having to work harder, you are more succeptible to injury, and experience fatigue sooner.

No Pain No Gain No More! No Pain No Gain used to be an axiom for a good hard workout, but it doesn’t mean you should ignore pain when exercising. Pain on muscle exertion is much different than pain from injury and overuse. Soreness after a hard workout is normal, but soreness that lasts more than 2 days without diminishing or disappearing is not normal. Sharp pain during exercise should not occur. Pain is an indication that something is wrong or there is potential for damage if it hasn’t happened yet. If you are experiencing pain get it examined by Dr. Keegan.

Don’t let a small problem evolve into something that will stop you from doing what you like.