We all set goals for improving our lives each year, whether that is a new years resolution, or prepping for that summertime beach body. Is one of your goals to maintain your weight for the next year? Do you want to lose weight but do it safely, without fad diets or starving yourself?

If so, you should consider going to Keegan Chiropractic in Ashburn to ask about the OptaVia Weight Loss Plan.

What Is the OptaVia Weight Loss Plan?

OptaVia is a weight loss plan designed for your lifestyle, goals, and other unique needs. Perhaps you’re happy with the weight you’re at now and want to remain there. You might not be quite happy yet, but you would be if you lost a few pounds. OptaVia is for both types of people and more.

Not just any diet, OptiaVia provides you with a yummy, nutritionally-high meal plan that is categorized according to your health goals above. There’s OptaVia Essential Fuelings, which is the basic form of the OptaVia eating plan. If you’d prefer, you can also choose the OptaVia Select Fuelings. This includes foods that are free of artificial sources, sweeteners, artificial flavors, and artificial colors.

Instead, what you do get are meals loaded with the GanedenBC360 patented probiotic, proteins, and up to 24 minerals and vitamins.

How Does This Plan Let You Lose or Maintain Weight?

Your OptaVia plan is tailored to you. If you visit the OptaVia website, you begin by filling out a brief questionnaire. In the questionnaire, you can select your gender, your age, and whether you want to lose or maintain weight. Then the OptaVia website will give you a personalized plan.

Of course, you don’t do OptaVia all by yourself. Every step of the way, you’re led by your OptaVia coach. The coach will keep you motivated to reach your goals. They’re also available to answer any questions about the program or the foods you can and cannot eat.

What Other Lifestyle Changes Can You Make?

If you want to make extra lifestyle changes in addition to the OptaVia weight loss plan, you may consider weight management or nutrition counseling. Through both these services, you can learn ways to stay fuller longer, banish cravings, and stick with your OptaVia diet.

Interested in the OptaVia Weight Loss Plan? Come to Keegan Chiropractic in Ashburn

If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Ashburn to start the OptaVia Weight Loss Plan as well as administer weight management and nutrition counseling services, Keegan Chiropractic is the best choice.

Besides weight loss, our other services are brain health assessments, laser therapy, GaitScan Orthotics, massage therapy, sports chiropractic, and general chiropractic care for upper back pain, shoulder pain, migraines and headaches, and back and neck pain.

To set up your appointment with our staff today, give us a call at (703) 858-3500 or stop by Keegan Chiropractic on 44355 Premier Plaza, Suite 130. This is a big chance to finally make a great change in 2018 and have a body you’ll love.