Exceptional Ashburn Chiropractic Care

Dr. Keegan delivers a personalized approach to your health. Whether you are seeking relief from pain in your back, neck or joints, are looking for injury recovery or weight loss or desire an improvement in your overall wellness, Keegan Chiropractic has the personal services you need. Your Ashburn chiropractor, Dr. Keegan, brings natural care to those living in Ashburn and surrounding areas such as Brambleton, Leesburg and Sterling. Our entire wellness team looks forward to caring for you and your family and helping you reach your healthy goals. We understand that selecting a chiropractor is a choice and we thank you for considering Keegan Chiropractic for your needs.

Wellness Services in Ashburn, VA

At Keegan Chiropractic, we use a holistic approach to your health. Instead of covering up your symptoms, we strive to eliminate them by removing the source of your concerns. Dr. Keegan listens to your health history and your symptoms to determine which services will best heal your body. Our wellness services include:

  • Chiropractic manipulations to properly place the vertebrae of your spine and the bones of your joints. Gentle adjustments allow for healthy nerve signal flow, improved circulation, reduced inflammation and pain and a speedier recovery from injuries.
  • Massage therapy to tend to muscular injuries and issues. Our massage therapist uses a variety of techniques to eliminate scar tissue, restore muscular balance and enhance your mobility. Plus, massage therapy is a beneficial way to reduce stress and calm your mind.
  • GaitScan Orthotics to reduce pain and improve mobility. If Dr. Keegan determines that an imbalance in your feet is contributing to back or hip pain, we may design a custom orthotic for your shoes. This helps to even out your gait and eliminate pain.
  • Laser therapy which stimulates healing at the cellular level. The cold laser penetrates deep into the muscles to prompt cells to heal.
  • Take Shape for Life, which is our weight loss and healthy eating program. We teach you how to make healthy food choices and to include exercise in your daily life. These work together to bring you closer to your ideal weight.
  • Sports chiropractic for our athletes who are recovering from injuries or who want to improve their physical abilities.

Our services in Ashburn, Brambleton, Leesburg and Sterling are natural and effective. We do not use medications to cover your symptoms. Instead, we treat the source to eliminate it and restore your health.

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We invite you to visit your Ashburn chiropractor at Keegan Chiropractic to discover the many benefits of our services. Our wellness team shares with you the success stories of some of our clients so you understand how chiropractic care will benefit you and your family. We want to show you the wonders of natural chiropractic care. Your initial consultation is free, so there is no need to wait.

If you have questions, concerns or want to schedule your free consultation, please stop by or call us today at (703) 858-3500.