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Football And Chiropractic

football and chiropractic
Football is one of the most physically demanding contact sports out there. Players are subject to incredible amounts of stress in the lumbar spine and neck. It is one sport where regular adjustments are essential in maintaining a player at his best. Flexibility and mobility of the joints in the body can enable quicker reflexes and better performance.

Injuries can occur very easily in football as well. Keegan Chiropractic is a valuable member of your team's medical staff and can help you get healthy and at your best faster. Injuries heal quickly with chiropractic management, laser therapy, and massage therapy.

Dr. Keegan has treated all levels of football players from the little leaguers to the high school and collegiate athlete, all the way to the big leagues including some Redskins.

Let our team be a part of your team!

Lower Loudoun Boys Little League Football Physicals

Pre participation physical examinations for all little league sports are administered at this office. Please make an appointment before the first practice, since children will not be allowed to participate without proper medical clearance. The fee for these physicals is $45.

LLBLL website. Little League Physical Form

At this time we are unable to perform athletic physicals for Public High School sports. 


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